Food has always been my passion; I'm still positive that my essay on baking a particularly tricky Bon Appetit cover recipe was the reason I got into college.

A childhood love of cooking and baking slowly transformed itself into my professional pursuit. From a dream job developing food products for culinary retailer Williams Sonoma, I moved on to fulfill a growing desire to help people all along the food chain produce, sell, and eat healthier, more sustainable food.

Today, I work with a diverse set of clients including established companies, entrepreneurs, and public and non-profit organizations. My project work is varied but my goal is always to use cross-sector thinking and approaches to fuel innovative thinking and new collaborations. Fixing our broken food system requires the efforts of many people, diverse perspectives, and different skill sets. I believe I can be most effective in bridging gaps, facilitating new relationships, and creating strategies that spring from entities, communities, and people that may not otherwise work together. These conversations and connections often spark the inventions we need to cultivate better food for all.

I graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a degree in American History and Literature and obtained Masters Degree in Sustainable Public Administration/Policy, focused on food systems, from Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. My thesis, “Local Livelihoods, Local Lunches: Feeding Students, Farmers, and Economies through School Meals Programs,” used an economically rooted argument to advocate for financial incentives to increase school food programs' local procurement.

I live in the Mission District of San Francisco, and, when not eating all sorts of delicious things, I can be found running them off training for half (or occasional full) marathons.

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